Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bubba update

Elijah loves to run around outside, he likes being chased and tickled, he’s especially ticklish on his sides, and laughs so hard I can’t help but laugh with him. He’s been busy chewing on mangoes recently too and likes to run up to hug me with his big tummy covered in mango juice, he somehow manages to get the juice everywhere even in his hair! Elijah can get upset if he isn’t getting his own way and likes to throw the occasional fit, stomp his feet and cry as loudly as possible so he can get maximum attention for his efforts. Elijah is happiest when he’s held or when he has someone’s undivided attention but as soon as he’s put down he starts to holler and cry, thankfully he does well when he is directed to something new so he knows he doesn’t get his desired result by crying loudly instead the nannies will show him a toy or encourage him to play with someone else.

He’s been doing very well in school recently, Elijah and his friends have been learning the importance of sharing and saying “please” and “thank you”. Elijah is good at sharing toys when encouraged by his teachers. All the kids practice writing/ scribbling on the chalkboards, Elijah does not like to wait his turn though and stomps his feet until he gets one of the boards. He’s very good at drawing “baton canpe’s” which are straight lines and is always so proud of his efforts he loves to show them off to everyone. He is really good at repeating words when his teacher asks him to; he can say “mama”, “alle” and “tap-tap” clearly for her. Outside of school Elijah babbles and talks a lot, he likes to say many different words and his favourite one is “hey” which he uses in every situation but especially to get someone’s attention and show them something.

Elijah loves to listen to music and bobs his head to the beat, when a song ends he’ll usually say “uh-oh” and as soon as another song starts he’ll shout “yay” and clap his hands. Elijah enjoys colouring, when he does it he almost always has one crayon in each hand and colours with them both at the same time. He likes to change colours often and draws lines and funny looking shapes. Playing with balls is one of Elijah’s favourite things, he is great at throwing them and when someone throws one back to him he puts out his two hands in preparation but usually has trouble actually catching the ball, he has the motions right though so I’m sure he’ll be getting it soon enough. While playing outside he loves to climb on the play gym, he isn’t too interested in the slide but prefers to climb up and down on the different levels. He’s a busy boy and this month he weighs 25 pounds 10.8 ounces. Elijah now has 16 teeth.

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