Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer is finally here!

The weather has been great this week! The kids actually got a little too much sun yesterday playing outside in their summer attire. We went over to our friends' house last night and had a nice bbq and went for a walk to the park after we ate. It was really nice.

We are expecting our home study to arrive any time now, and then we can get that dossier moving! I am getting really excited and have been anxious to get it to Haiti so we can get a referral for our child/ren. I know that when we do I will be even more anxious to get them home though!

I am trying to plan some fundraisers for my trip to Haiti this fall. I really want to try to earn my way so I can save money for the adoption. When Sarah comes back we need to sit down and try to pick a date for our trip so Jeremiah can ask for days off and I can figure out how much airline tickets will be, etc.

Well I am off to clean house. My neice is coming to stay overnight this weekend, she is 9 months old and I need to be sure the place is picked up! Kylie, our 4 year old has a dance recital this Friday and the dress rehearsal is tonight. She is so excited!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday..good news!

We got word that our homestudy is almost finished! I am so excited. We will have to review it and then he will send the paperwork to us so we can move on to the next step. Also we came home yesterday afternoon to find a big fat check in our mail box. It was from our home's escrow account. We had no idea it was coming and it was such perfect timing with all the expenses we will have for our dossier, it had to be God! I was so thrilled.

I found a family doctor locally that is willing to see the girls when they get back, more good news! They are scheduled for an appointment in June and now I just need to find a urologist and neurologist. They will probably have to be in Seattle.
Keep praying for the girls, Helande may need a shunt this week. Sarah is planning on coming home with them the beginning of June.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I have been on the computer for a few hours trying to work on some paperwork for our dossier. Jeremiah, my sweet husband, called about our home-study today. They said that they are going to being writing it and will call tonight. I am so excited to get that step finished. Then all we need to do after that is get our letter from our church, and the i600a done, and get things certified and translated.

I haven't heard any news about Christella and Helande lately, except that Helande was released from the hospital last week and has an eye appointment this week. I am anxious to hear what they say about her vision. There were times I would swear she could see me and others where I wasn't so sure. I wonder how they check infants' vision?

Hopefully Sarah will be home to Washington soon and her life will get back to normal. I can't imagine being away from home for so long. What an amazing sacrifice she has made for these girls. Meanwhile I have been working on getting medical care donated for them for the summer. I have not had great success. Please pray that I will find a quality doctor that will be willing to care for them while they are here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Texas Trip

I am back from Texas. I arrived on Sunday morning and got to spend a lovely Mothers Day with my family. I am glad to be home, but I already miss the babies and Sarah has told me how much she wishes I were there to help. She is bringing in reinforcements tomorrow. Her girls are coming in to help and visit.
My week in Texas was exhausting but so rewarding. I fell in love with these two angels, and Sarah's daughter Angeline. We had a stressful week of hospital stays, doctors and nurses, but we all had a great time with each other through it all. Check out Sarah's blog for all the details if you wish. There are some good before pictures of the girls.

I am praying that the girls will be released from the hospital soon. Christella has a Staph infection and rotavirus and was very sick. She is doing a bit better but is on very strong antibiotics. Helande is doing really well but may need a shunt. We will find out shortly if she does.

I am really looking forward to them coming back to Washington. I hope that we will have the opportunity to give Sarah and her family some help and be able to love and play with the babies lots. Keep them in your prayers through this recovery time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My upcoming trip

No news on the adoption progress. We are still waiting for the homestudy to be finished and some letters of reference to be typed up. Then we can send some things on to the Sec. of State and get certified. We also need to file the I600A.

I am getting excited for my upcoming trip to Texas. We are leaving on Sunday. My friend Sarah is going to be taking her little girl Angeline. She is one and such a cutie. We are going to be busy moms! I know I will miss my kids and husband, but it will be so good to be able to help out with these babies. I am really looking forward to bringing them home to Haiti to see their family.

More when I return from my trip, hopefully with lots of pictures!