Thursday, July 26, 2012


A foster baby is coming for another visit tonight! We are so excited to welcome this little one into our home. She is super sweet and babies are alway so much fun.  The plan is for her to stay on Sunday afternoon.  She has had a few visits to get her used to our home and family and have a more comfortable transition, a luxury few foster children have.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have been feeling like many times I try to step out of my zone and do something new and challenging, I get shot down by others.  Why is that?  Are they just trying to be realistic and helpful? Are they jealous of my attempt at success? Are they just Negative Nellies? What gives?  Even when I was in high school I remember this happening to me, wanting to apply to a university yet being pushed in another direction because my grades and SAT scores were only average.

So I come to my point...roller derby. I would like to become a skater, but comments from well meaning people have me on the edge. "Isn't it dangerous?" "Those people are tough!" "That requires a lot of time commitment.", etc. I am sure these are valid points. So when do you know to follow the desires of your heart and go for it vs. listen to suggestions/warnings from others?

I did a pros/cons list with J. last night while talking in bed. They both are about even. I think my biggest fear is devoting so much time, money and effort into it only to discover I don't really enjoy it. I do know that I love being amongst the atmosphere at the practices and bouts. I have met some really great people in derby. Skating is a wonderful form of exercise. J is supporting me 100%. So I guess I have some praying to do about it and hopefully a clear answer will come. If I don't try out as a skater, I will of course remain involved as a non-skating or even possibly a skating official.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Goats

Our family had a blast at the end of roller derby DEA barbecue. 
We were lured there by Kamarie and speak of baby goats and chicks at the farm.

We  had to check out these goats and babies as soon as we arrived.

E. liked watering the crops.


We all got to eat fruit and veggies off the plants!

Miss Lori brought cake, gave piggy back rides and played on the tree swing. 
She is now E. and S.'s favorite person in the world
We even got to wear cool hats to protect our tender heads from the sun.

 And we played a fun game, no one really agreed on the name. 
The most family friendly name is ladder ball.



Here are the prizes I have gathered so far for the raffle drawings to be held on August 19 at the benefit concert. Need not be present to win. If you would like to enter, make a donation here, $5 an entry. Then send me a message at letting me know which drawing you would like to enter.

PRIZE 1: Mary Kay Gift Basket valued around $60. Donated by Jennifer Dean

PRIZE 2: Easing Learning tutoring sessions (6) $108 value. Donated by Jennifer Dean at Easing Learning

PRIZE 3: One hour massage gift certificate by Lori Epp.

PRIZE 4: 2 theater tickets to a show at Lynden's Claire VG Thomas Theatr and a T-shirt. Donated by Lynden Performing Arts Guild. $30 value.

PRIZE 5:  2 packs of note cards and a print by Jason Vukovich Art.

Hopefully more to follow! Do you have a product (handmade even) that you would like to donate to the Spina Bifida Association fundraising raffle? Please contact me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Progress and GIVEAWAY!

  • Running progress...we are on week 4 of the Couch 25K app.  My knees have been aching and it's been difficult because of that. I am trying some tips, and trying to take a day or two to rest between runs.
  • I've lost over 5 lbs!
  • Fundraising progress...slow. We just have had one donation. I am very grateful for that donation but we need way more!! Click on the Sammy B. button on the side to help, please.
  • Events: 
  1. We are having a yard and bake sale this Saturday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Faith Community Church in Lynden. We are still seeking donations for the sale, either household/yard sale items or baked goods.
  2. We are having a HUGE benefit concert!!

I hope you can come. There will be several raffles for some great prizes too.

Right now we are having a GIVEAWAY!

Enter to win a ONE HOUR MASSAGE from licensed therapist Lori Epp in Bellingham! Here is how:

1.Donate on my website. One entry for every $5 donation.
2. Share this on Facebook and receive one entry.
3. Blog and or Twitter and include this link for Team Sammy B and receive one entry.
4. Enter at our Yard/Bake Sale in Lynden this Saturday by purchasing a ticket.

Comment on here to let me know you did one or all of the above.

Random drawing will occur at 8pm on July 28th. Winner will be notified on Facebook or email.

Flower Girl

I believe this moment will be the last...

 my youngest daughter,

the last flower girl.

She did a perfect job, posing for pictures...

And doing what flower girls do.