Sunday, February 26, 2012

things I want to do as his wife...

kiss him goodbye at the door every day as he goes to work.
kiss him at the door when he comes home looking my best.
hold his hand when we are places together.
rest my head on his shoulder when we are sitting nearby.
write love notes and hide them.
give him back rubs when he is sore.
wait up for him when he comes home late.
sing with him.
pack him a healthy lunch.
light candles for him.
let him be right.
cuddle with him during a scary movie.
wash the car together and have a water fight.
make him heart shaped pancakes.
sleep in his t-shirt.
grow old together.
have dinner ready.
kiss his forehead and get him medicine, soup and tea when he is sick.
try to make him laugh.
keep the spark alive.
make him proud.
wear his favorite perfume.
make his favorite treat.
build memories.
play in the snow together.
dance in the rain.
be adventurous.
be his rock.
study the bible together.
explore the world.
raise his kids in a happy home.
climb a mountain.
defend him.
respect him.
trust him.
love him.
honor him.
complete him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012


I have the urge to tired of stuff and clutter. I would consider our house to be fairly organized and somewhat tidy (when people keep up with chores). It still seems like we have too much. I love simple and want to just own the necessary items or things I absolutely love. It is difficult to do with a family of 7. My dream is to become a nomad/gypsy/world traveler. Yes wanderlust has set in and I would love to pack up needed items and go without any responsibilities. I want to go see amazing places, soak in God's creation and enjoy other cultures. I hope maybe someday?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vow renewal

J and I are renewing our vows in late August. I've been having fun coming up with decorating ideas on Pinterest and finding things for the big day.

We are trying to figure out a good place to stay for our second honeymoon afterward. Somewhere that we can go on a very small budget.

Free spirit

I have been in a dark place spiritually the past six month or so. I had little desire to attend church services, pray or read the bible.

Last night I was able to let go of some things and was able to spend some meaningful time in prayer and meditation. I am so thankful for His forgiveness and acceptance to welcome me back!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lacing skates

I got new toe guards and laces for my skates the other day and finally decided to put them on. Way more confusing than I thought! I resorted to google and found this tutorial! (who would have thunk it??)
I tweaked it a bit and here is the final result:


I have not posted about the challenge because I already gave up.:( I've been going through bouts of depression, and I know that eating right and exercise will help immensely, but what if all I feel like doing is laying around and eating crap?? I will get back on this horse...promise.

Getting bolder

Over the past year I have been playing around with my hair. Cutting it shorter, different colors and using more accessories. I have decided to get a little more brave and go for a bold color next week at my appointment.

I am also considering getting a nose stud...still considering.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Bout

Last Saturday I experienced my first roller derby bout and was a non skating official (DEA Derby Enforcement Agency). I got to the gym early and helped lay down the track. I hung out at a friends house after, got dressed and put on makeup, fixed our hair and got ready for the big debut of my alter ego...(derby name) Scarlett Let Her. We had team photos done and a meeting with the refs and officials. I got a rundown of my duties...lineup tracker and outside white board. I learned a lot and am so excited for the next bout day in March!

Also, I got a chance to skate in a real rink last Friday on a date night with my new skates (and husband) I fell once toward the end when I was getting pretty confident and gaining speed. Oww!

Derby photo taken by Kim Lincoln Photography.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy love day!

Every day should be a day to express our love to one another. I procrastinated this year and nearly boycotted V day altogether, but at the last minute was caught up among the wandering husbands in the floral department. I at least had a plan.

I bought ten red helium balloons and some cute lip stickers. When I got home I wrote on ten little sheets of paper a certain thing I love about my husband. I rolled it up and sealed it with a lip sticker and tied the balloon ribbon around the note. I arranged the balloons over our bed, sprinkled rose pedals on the comforter and lit a new candle. Done! And one of the most meaningful and creative valentines I have ever given.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RDWC day 3

I have already failed. Had a bad afternoon, ate some junk food and did not do my work out. Tomorrow is a new beginning.