Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tickets booked!

Leaving mid August, right after courts open. I was told by my attorney that he will be working to get us a court date while I am there. Please pray for that miracle friends. M. has been told that mommy is coming soon. She is very excited.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

going soon

I am getting ready to book a flight to meet my M. Some tell me to wait until we actually have a court date to go. Some tell me I may get sick or hurt while I am in country. But the facts are:
  • J. is on vacation and can be home with the kids during the time I am gone.
  • M. needs me. She is not doing better and we still don't really have a technical diagnoses. A US doc. looked at her MRI and other tests and thinks she has CP. I hope to spend some time with her, giving her love and attention. Also I may be able to take her to some doctors in country.
  • I can spend some time learning the culture and bonding while she is in a familiar environment.
  • I am going with no expectations (well lets be honest, it would be awesome for God to give us a miracle) but just to see if I can "nudge" some people in a good direction!
  • If we do get a court date while I am there, then we only have to pay for ONE last minute ticket.
Tickets are currently around $2000. We need some help with this and are praying for God's provision. Money is just money and it will all work out. A quote from my hubs. If you know him, this is a bit out of character! So it's a good indication that this is the right decision.

J. won a hotel package at a beautiful hotel near us and we have decided to give it away to raise money for my trip. (details in the post below) If you can bless us by donating, we can enter you for the drawing. If you can't use the prize, maybe you could give to someone who can?

Please pray for me and my little girl. Pray for provision, safety, movement and that my family at home will be ok too.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enter to win...

a beautiful night stay in the Chrysalis in Bellingham, WA!

To raise more $ for our upcoming trip (more soon about this) we are giving away a gift certificate for a deluxe room at this inn and spa. I hate to give it up, as I have heard wonderful things about this place, but we really wonder when we would be ableto use it. And we really don't mind the sacrifice, considering we will be going to Africa soon!

A $10 donation will enter you into a drawing to be held on August 11, 2010. Winners will be notified by email or phone. You may make your donation by sending us a check or cash (contact me for our address or give it to us in person) or click the donate button to the right. You can make a larger donation for multiple entries.

You may use the gift certificate at your convenience, but not on Friday or Saturday nights.

Our Deluxe Rooms provide a variety of accommodation options:
  • Single king size or two double beds
  • Window seat overlooking the water
  • Accessible rooms are available
  • 2-person soaking tub

Side View Deluxe Rooms starting at $199 per night

Full View Deluxe Rooms starting at $209 per night

(All Rates are starting prices and are subject to availability)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I won!

I won a $60 gift certificate (blogged about it previously) for CSN stores from I am so excited! I rarely win things and am blessed that I could order some fun new things for our toy box. I just finished my online shopping and here is what I purchased....
Because my boys love to dress up and I feel bad that usually their only options are pink and frilly; Educational Insights monkey and dog costume.

Because a friend who has met my little M. informed me that one of her favorite toys is a little wooden tea set at a local cafe; a Plan Toys wooden tea set.

Because I thought this would go well with it! Plan toys tableware set.

Wedding pictures

Puppy bite me...

Sammy had to go to the ER on Thursday night during an out of town visit with family. A familiar dog unexpectedly bit him on his nose and lip while we were all standing around visiting. He had about 14 stitches by a specialist who happened to be on the same floor as us (other wise we would have had to wait around for hours for surgery). He is doing well now, but boy was it traumatic!
Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

All dogs can bite regardless of size or breed. The key to preventing dog bites starts with responsible ownership.
  • The American Kennel Club offers advice about adding a dog to your household. Selecting the Right Purebred Dog offers suggestions to consider when picking a breed. The AKC's Breeder Referral Program can help you locate breeders in your area. Also consult with a responsible dog breeder or veterinarian for additional advice.

  • Leash your dog. When you allow your dog to run in the yard, keep it safe in a fenced enclosure. While electronic fences may keep your dog in your yard, they do not keep people and animals from approaching it.

  • Protect your dog against rabies by vaccinating as required by law. It is wise to keep a copy of your rabies certificate available at all times.
Give your dog a good foundation on which to build.
  • Socialize your dog, beginning when you bring it home. Undersocialized dogs may feel uneasy when approached by strangers. These usually loving dogs may bite out of fear.

  • Train your dog by teaching it at least the basic commands: "sit," "down," "stay," "heel," and "come." AKC's Canine Good Citizen® Program is a fun way to get started.

  • Train your dog to drop its toys on command so that you do not have to reach into its mouth to retrieve the toy.
Do not set your dog up for failure.
  • Be cautious when introducing your dog to new situations. Be ready to respond to any signs that your dog is starting to feel uncomfortable and remove it from the situation.

  • Do not put your dog in a situation where it could be threatened or teased. You may want to confine your dog in these potential situations.

  • Play non-aggressive games such as fetch. Games such as tug-of-war could encourage inappropriate behavior.
Preventing dog bites is more than just the responsibility of the dog's owner. It is also your responsibility to practice safe behavior when around unfamiliar dogs.
  • Small children should never be left unsupervised with a pet.

  • Children should be taught to always ask the owner for permission before they pet a dog.

  • Respect a dog's space. Keep your hands away from a dog's fence. A dog considers its yard personal property and may growl or bite to protect it.

  • "Let sleeping dogs lie" is a good rule to follow. That goes for a dog that is eating or drinking as well.

  • Be cautious around a mother dog with her puppies. She will be naturally protective.
A dog should be kept on a leash when it is out in a public place. However, you may see a dog wandering loose without an owner. If a loose dog approaches you:
  • Do not run away from the dog and do not yell or make loud noises.

  • Stand very still like a tree. Cross your arms over your chest, as if you are giving yourself a great, big hug. (This shape forms the trunk of your tree.) Look away from the dog. Dogs sometimes think direct eye contact is a challenge for power and control. You do not want to challenge the dog. You want the dog to go away.

  • Toss an object away from you and away from the dog. This should attract its attention toward the object - and away from you. The dog should move toward the thrown object to sniff and investigate it. This will give you a chance to slowly turn and walk away.
Dogs cannot hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign around their neck every time they want to be left alone. Instead, they communicate through their body language. A dog's body language communicates how the dog feels and whether it is in a friendly mood or should be left alone.
  • A relaxed dog usually holds its head up. Its tail may be down and may wag back and forth. Its ears are neither back nor forward. Its hair will lie smooth along its back. Its mouth and lips are relaxed, which can appear like the dog is "smiling." You may also be able to see its tongue.

  • On the other hand, sometimes a dog is not feeling friendly or relaxed. Look for a certain type of body language to tell you to keep your distance. A threatening dog may have a wrinkled nose that draws back to reveal its teeth. The hair along the back of its neck may be raised, forming a long column along the spine. Its ears may lie back, and its body may appear tense and cocked. The dog may also growl or snarl. Always try to avoid any dog displaying any of these signs or acting in a threatening manner.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Click on the link above to read about how you can be entered for a $60 giveaway for CSN stores. I have never shopped there before, but it looks like they have some really cute stuff!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect timing?

Maybe with the horrible blasts in Uganda on Sunday, there is a reason for our delays for travel. We could have been there during all this. I have been praying for all involved and my heart is heavy.

We got some blood test results back for Mercy, but no one has explained what they mean. If you know anyone with connections in the medical field who could help I would very much appreciate it!

No news of a judge or court date.

A longer wait means less money for airline tickets and more time to fundraise! We are making homemade ice cream sandwiches to sell. If you live locally and want more details, leave a comment please.

A lot of love

went into baking these cookies. I can tell you they are really tasty too! I am trying one out as I type. Yum. I have only baked one batch so far (because I only had one bag of chips) and it yielded enough usable cookies for seven sandwiches. There would probably have been enough for more, but a few got too dark and one got smashed (then eaten by S. and E.) As I was baking my thoughts were in a far off country, where my little girl resides. If you have seen the news lately, you will understand why my thoughts and prayers are with the people there.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies..

What could go together better?
To help with the travel costs for our trip to Africa and other expenses relating to M's medical care, we are making and selling ice cream sandwiches to our local NW friends.

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two large homemade chocolate chip cookies. Individually wrapped. Suggested donation (please give as you are led!) of $12 a dozen. You may also order smaller or larger sized batches. They will be ready for pick up or delivery by August 14-15th. To place an order, leave me a comment, give me a call, or email me at Sorry, only Whatcom County residents please, unless you are willing to make the drive for some yummy goodness!
Photo credit to Kiss My Spatula

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer is here

Finally we are enjoying some nice weather! We had a great time camping. We were close enough to home that we could home here for some laundry, lunch, nap time, etc. We camped from Tuesday night, until Sunday morning. We came home and slept in our beds one night, but other than that we made it!!! The kids loved being out there, since they had a few friends to play with and an amazing playground with room to run. They roasted marshmallows for Smores a few nights and went snipe hunting a few nights too! K. got to sleep in her friend's trailer a couple nights, which made more room in the tent for us! I was freezing the first few nights, so on one trip home we grabbed a heating pad, plugged it in and it really helped warm us up.

On the fourth, J. had to work. We had a bbq with friends, then came home early to rest up. I was not planning on going anywhere, I was TIRED! Then out of the blue, J. called to say he was going to get off work by 9pm. What a blessing. He drove home, took a few of the older kids with him to watch a fireworks display from the work rooftop while I vegged and the younger kids went to bed.

Now that camping is over, the sun came out. We are having a heat wave baby! It is nice but a little too warm for my liking, since we have no AC. But I don't think this hot weather will last much more than a few days.

Speaking of heat, please pray for my son L. He is leaving for Tecate on Sunday. They are expecting temps over 100 degrees. I am hoping and praying he takes good care of himself and that he will come back a changed and more spiritually mature young man. He will be there a week, helping with church projects and doing a VBS program with the youth there. Keep him and the team in your prayers please!

My little girls are spending four days with my parents and attending an art day camp. Check out the artist's blog. Look where they traveled last year! Too bad they didn't write too much about their visit to the country we will be visiting soon. I spoke to them briefly about it yesterday, but had to run since the little boys were waiting. They seem like a very nice couple. The girls are having a blast!

As for M: She got some blood work done but I have not had much help with finding someone with medical expertise to read the results. I have sent them off to several people, and hoping to hear something soon. It doesn't look too hopeful to get the travel date before courts close next week. Please pray that we can still get a date soon, I hear they open again mid August. I really don't want to wait too much longer than that!! I am almost tempted to just buy tickets to come over then anyway, but we can't be gone too long. Please pray for some clear answers and direction for little M. And for her health and development.

Well, off to tackle some laundry and pack for L. It's super quiet right now with nap time, girls gone and some kids with Dad!