Thursday, April 21, 2011


Busy getting ready for an impromptu garage sale. I don't enjoy it, but we really need the extra cash to pay some nagging medical bills. Plus it will be a huge plus to have less clutter around! Hoping it's successful and sunny tomorrow and Saturday.

The Make a Wish project has become a HUGE stressor for me. I know it is not supposed to be. I think because it involves our property, some big prep work projects going on before the big day, and finding friends to help, it's been difficult. I am getting very discouraged trying to find volunteers to help for the day of May 11. It should be a lot of fun. I hope it is kind of like a big party with lots of friends, food and celebration of a wonderful kid.

Spring has yet to find it's way to our area. It was actually snowing the other day! I know I am super tired of rain, cold and muck.

Baseball has been fun for L. And J. has been putting in a lot of time helping coach when he is able. And soccer for E. was quite entertaining last night. He was more concerned about his (girl)friend A.J. than listening to the college students running the practice! Too funny.

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