Saturday, May 7, 2011

Site prep


We woke up early to the sound of machinery in our yard!
Coast Construction came out to help finish the job for S's wish.
First they brought in several dump trucks of a sand/soil mix.
Then they used a backhoe to level out some of the dirt.

Next they laid out this road fabric to help keep down moisture and displace weight over the peat bog muck.

And with several trips moved the dirt closer to the site and eventually onto the fabric.

They spread and leveled it, making it look nearly perfect!

We met Skip who finished the job (there were two guys who traded shifts). He was great, going over the ruts left by the trucks and even sweeping the driveway. Coast Construction donated all of this for S. I was overwhelmed by the scope of the whole project, and they saw it through to the end. All their work ended up being worth about $2000. Two machines, fuel, 3-4 loads of dirt, road fabric, electrical repairs and 12 hours of labor. We couldn't thank them enough!

On Tuesday a group of J's coworkers and friends are coming to help set up a wooden barrier and bring the wheelbarrows full of wood chips in. Then on Wednesday more friends are coming to help set up the playground and create a limestone bike path around it. We would like it to be more of a celebration of S. than a chore. If you would like to come out, let me know!
PLEASE pray for no rain.

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Momto16 said...

So awesome to see the before and after. I am so excited for Sammy!!