Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family First

J and I have had some minor marriage problems throughout the years. We have used certain tools to help like books, attending a Family Life marriage conference, and even counseling. We have been going through the toughest trial this last year. Which is one of the reasons we chose to renew our vows this August. Before we do, I want our relationship to be the strongest it can be. And very recently I believe the enemy is trying to rip our family apart. We are praying about this intensive couples counseling service: http://christianmarriageretreats.net/intensives.html

I believe this would be so great for us! Here is the problem, it would cost us over $2000 including gas and food. Will you please pray for our relationship and if it's God's will, the funds for this retreat would be provided? Thank you.

From Above Rubies' Nancy:
I have always loved the Scripture in Jeremiah 31:1 where God says, “I will be the God of all the families of Israel.” God is the originator of families. He loves families. And He wants to be the God of each individual family.

God cannot be God of the nation unless He is God of the families. It all starts with families. That means it starts with us. The most powerful thing we can do to bless our nation is strengthen our individual marriage and family.

The devil wants to weaken families. He tempts us with things that look good to lure us away from the home. Yes, even homeschooling mothers can often be more involved out of the home than in the home. I want to encourage you that the greatest thing you can do is to build your home. Put an end to everything that fragments your family life. Cancel everything that weakens your marriage and family structure at home (Proverbs 14:1). Know your purpose and stick to it.

Are you running your home from the periphery of your home, or from the heart of your home? Is God the preeminent One in your home, or someone to be called upon when you need Him?

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Anonymous said...

I believe the last three sentences in your statement says it all. Put all your ambition and energy into your home and ask God for his wisdom and guidance. God First, family next which includes your husband.