Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun day

We went to the park today with some friends. One of them brought her two twin girls adopted from Ghana for us to meet. They just got home last night! They are so adorable and I loved to hear about how the homecoming has been, and how the adjustment is going. Can't wait to experience it myself with Elijah!

We have had Helande here for 3 days now and we are going on 3 nights. I hope she will sleep better tonight. She usually gets up around 2 or 4 am and then around 6 am. I was thinking that by almost 6 months she would be sleeping through the night. She seems like she is starving when I feed her though. I am not complaining, she is a joy to have here. She was talking to Jeremiah this afternoon (sounded like Native American jargon) and telling him all about her trip to the park and the ice cream cone she shared with Kika! (my nickname founded by Angeline)


Ericka said...

I stopped by to check in and was so happy to hear about little Helande!!!! How's her vision now that she has the shunt? I always wondered if it would improve it.
Glad you hare having a great summer!

K. said...

Helande is doing great! She had a post op check up on Friday and they were saying she is tracking really well. I think her vision must have improved so much since I was in Texas in May. She seems like she can see everything, but there are some more tests they want to do still.
Keep praying for continued healing!