Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sick kids

My oldest child was sick last week and this week our youngest daughter is. She had a fever, headache and annoying cough. She is the saddest sick kid there is, so we skipped church this morning. My husband was leading worship and I felt bad to miss it, but there was no way she could go to Sunday school and would be bored to tears if she sat with Helande and I.

We have had some hot weather these last few days. Yesterday we dropped our son off with my parents for the weekend and the rest of us went on a walk along the bay. Sometimes I take for granted all the beauty that surrounds us here. Then we went to Costco. This older lady approached us, asking about Helande, who was sitting up in the seat of the cart. She thought she was a doll at a distance and couldn't believe she was sitting like that in the cart. She was next to our daughter and we were making sure she was stable, but she did great. It is hard to believe that in May she couldn't hold up her head!
She is making a remarkable recovery. Ella is doing great too. She is talking a lot now! Not real words but baby babble.

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