Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Travels

Driving for 6-7 hours on the freeway in 110 degree weather is NOT my idea of fun.  Especially when my husband kept turning off the AC because it is "hard on the engine" and is "not good for the gas mileage".  We had a battle over that one until we returned to the west side of the state and enjoyed much cooler weather!  

Samuel, now age 7 months, was such a good boy the whole way.  He did great away from home, staying in strange places and sleeping through noise in the middle of the living room at Grandma's.  He did great at church, we didn't put him in the nursery because of his cold/cough that everyone except 2 members of our family has right now.  He was distracting people though, because of his constant smiling and jumping on laps.  He is so adorable.  He also did great on the long drive home.  At one point, Cori age 9 had this to report to us from the backseat:
Sammy should win the good baby contest!! He has been smiling and chewing on his toes for two whole hours now.  I am sure he would beat every baby!

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