Thursday, August 28, 2008

The cat came back

We have a cute little grey and white kitty named Betty. We adopted Betty from a rescue center and she was such a good cat, although timid and not too sure about the kids. The thing I loved the most about her was she was a great mouser. We had her for over a year and she preferred to be outside. In June this year, we were driving to go to the church campout and saw a grey and white cat on the road, not moving. We hadn't seen Betty in a while, and I made J. stop to see if it was Betty. He and I both were pretty sure it was her, she wasn't wearing a coller, she had lost it in the woods somewhere. We were sad, the kids were sad, and they blamed a stray cat that had been hanging around our property, scaring off our kitty.

Today I was looking around our house, trying to help the telephone repair man, and I spotted Betty under the back porch! I did a double take, and couldn't believe it was her! I pulled her out, she was very skinny and light, and put her in the shed, with some food, water and a litter box. She is very spooked and shaggy looking, but I think she will be ok. I can't believe she has been alive this whole time! I wonder where she was???

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