Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas gift giving

K. and E. looking in the Santa bag

This year we are following the growing trend in our family; less is more. Last year we did pretty well, I think I stuck with giving each child three smallish gifts. This year, my goal is to keep it to one gift each from J. and I. Yesterday we had the kids draw names between each other. They will each pick out and help buy a gift for one sibling. Then as a family we will be buying gifts for extended family and close friends. I will try to do some homemade crafts or baking for teachers, mail carriers and the like.

On Christmas morning we don't have stockings, we have a Santa bag. Santa fills the red sack with individually wrapped small gifts labeled for each person. But Santa does not take center stage here.

We are going to be focusing on the ONLY reason for Christmas. What we aren't spending on toys and stuff, we will be giving to others. We will be spending quality time with each other, making memories. Loving Christ. Worshiping the King.

I am still trying to figure out plans for celebrating Christmas eve and day. Unfortunately J. is working both. He works over 10 hour shifts. We will not be seeing him much these days. We have celebrated Christmas many times without him, but we always had family to visit and keep us busy. This year, family is not available. One side is across the state, the other have vacations and in-laws to celebrate with. So we are contemplating changing the date of Christmas to one that J. will be off work.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

My sweet hubby won't be home for Christmas this year. We are changing Christmas to December 27th, so that Papa can be home.

My Young Ones and I will just have a quiet day at home on the 25th.

:) :) :)