Saturday, November 20, 2010

E. school update

E. age 4.

E. age 7 months, Nov. 2007.

E. has been home now for over 20 months! Wow, has it been that long already? I can't believe it! This morning I finally got around to cleaning out his backpack for preschool. In it I found his progress report. He has been attending developmental preschool since late spring, after quite a process to get him in. He is loving it and I am so glad I fought for him! I wanted to share with you the nice things that Teacher Gayle wrote about my little guy. And while you are reading it, be amazed by how far this kid has come. At age 7 months, E. weighed 8 pounds. Found at a hospital, he was severely anemic, unable to suck, sit or hold up his head. He was malnourished and suffering from kwashiorkor (protein deficiency).

E. is doing a great job at preschool! He has learned to recognize his name in print and is working at tracing and writing the letters of his name. He is able to follow classroom routines and transition from one activity to another with less teacher support. E. seems to enjoy his time at school and he willingly gives his best effort. He is interested in what others are doing and with some modeling and adult support he joins in other's activities. He is able to stay at a table and work with a teacher for 15 minutes then move to another table to work on another task with a different teacher. He is improving his fine motor skills for coloring, and using scissors. We are learning about alphabet letters and sounds using a program called Zoo Phonics. We practice the letter names and listen for the sounds in words and print. E. enjoys sharing the object in his letter homework bag. It is a pleasure to have E. and his wonderful giggle in our classroom.


Sara said...

Good for him! Give him a big hug from us! It's funny that they mention his giggle because from day 1 (well, almost) we always talked about what a great giggle he had. Whenever we heard it you couldn't help but laugh along with him!
Thanks for being such a good Mommy, Kim!
Sara Huinink

Eva Geranton said...

Unbelievable KIM!! What a great report! In 20 months you have transformed him..what a blessed boy! I will keep praying that he makes this same progress. Is it just me, or in the top picture of him, he looks like Jeremiah?? :)

mama bear said...

Eva, I can't take all the credit. E. came home to us in good health because of people like Sara H. and other volunteers at Children of the Promise. AND of course our Heavenly Father, who did a miracle in E.'s life and many others!

AND, we have had others say E. looks like J. too! Maybe they have the same nose and deep set eyes?