Sunday, March 20, 2011

Count down!

I am going away for a few days soon. I can't wait. For a birthday gift, my oldest is going with Grandma, Aunt A and I to Orlando on vacation. My mom likes to travel and loves company. She started taking grandkids on Disney trips when L. was 5. Since the youngest boys are still a bit too young to travel, L. is next in line. And Disney World seemed like a fun place to go, somewhere new! Aunt A and I are tagging along, just cause we don't want to miss out.

L. and Grandma will be gone a full week, and I will only be away for five days. I think it will be a perfect little getaway.

Every day L. is announcing to the family how many days left until his trip. He is so excited to go see the Harry Potter stuff at Universal.

We are also going to Discovery Cove. So exciting.

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Kathy C. said...

Plan on a two hour wait for the HP Hogwarts ride. I've been on the little roller coaster (no dueling dragons for me) but in three trips haven't gone on the big one due to the wait time. The time I went on a school day thinking no one would be there, it was broken all day!!