Wednesday, March 2, 2011

getting ready

Last week we were busy during J's days off getting things taken care of. A lot of the items on the list were things we needed to do anyway, like get the pets vaccinations current and gather immunization records for the kids. We also should have bought a wood stove barrier/gate a long time ago, when S was a baby. We had a makeshift screen set up around it as a visual barrier but it is easily knocked over or moved.

We turned in the water sample, got the vaccinations for pets and kids taken care of, ordered a crib and fireplace barrier online, and found a great deal on clothes at a local thrift store ($5 a bag). I think all the needed paperwork is turned in, they just need to receive our fingerprint clearances.

We still need to:
  • Pick up and set up crib
  • Pick up and set up fireplace barrier
  • Buy a 5 lb fire extinguisher (2A10BC-rated ABC)
  • Take the CPR/First Aid class
After the licensor receives all this she will set up the home visit.

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