Friday, March 9, 2012

Orlando Trip

I arrived home on Tuesday night from six days in Orlando. I had an amazing, emotional, wild, fun time. I met some awesome ladies who really get what mothering a child with a trauma background is really like. I got sunburned, went to Magic Kingdom and Discovery Cove, and ran part of a 5K race barefoot. I got a nose piercing, tattoo, ate drunken gummy bears, sat in a hot tub with my Hooters tank top and pajama bottoms on. I vented, cried, laughed, hugged strangers, and went out to dinner with a group of 90 women. I set goals, and put rewards in place for myself. (to do art five days a week- each week I get new undies!) I hula hooped in the street, saw men playing pool in their garage only wearing underwear, drove by the worlds largest McDonalds, embarrassed the neighbor's pool boy, ate and drank a lot of food and wine (gained about ten pounds in water weight), blushed, heard horror stories of the foster care system, swam in the pool after dark, saw an orange grove and a truck full of oranges, swam with and touched a giant sting ray. It was a fantastic trip. Wish I would have taken more photos.

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