Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding on a shoestring

We are getting married. Well we actually are already but we are having a vow renewal and reception in August so it's essentially another wedding. And weddings can be EXPENSIVE. We don't have money to be throwing around, so I challenged myself to do this as inexpensive as possible. I think the most expensive part of this will be the venue rental ($400 for half a day on Sunday) and the drinks and food.

We chose a fun theme since it's not a traditional wedding. We are doing a Mad Hatter/Wonderland theme. It has been so much fun scouting out thrift stores and looking for antique tea cups, saucers, vases, decor. We also found some things on clearance to use for decor at Michaels. My mother had some decorations left over from my sister's wedding a few years ago, like votives and place card holders. And I was able to barter for some items, tablecloths, plates, etc. We found goblets for sale on Craigslist too. So far I think we have spent under $200.

I designed the invitations and need to find a place that will print them inexpensively.

We were going to barter for catering, but the chef is now not able to hold up his end of the deal. So we are going to need to do some brainstorming on food. I may get some deli trays at the local gourmet grocery store, make some salads and call it good. Finger foods are preferred since it is a Mad Tea Party. For cake, cupcakes or petits fours are what we are thinking. Some wines, ice tea and punch will be available. And of course some tea and or coffee.

There are tables and chairs available for use at the venue, as well as a sound system. We will plug our iPod in with a playlist for dancing. We are bartering for photography with my friend Kim Lincoln. Am I missing anything? Oh, attire. I bought this dress to wear:
and am second guessing it since I want to be comfortable and not be sweating buckets. I may sell it and buy a simple summer dress. Or I may see if I can hem this to knee length. Decisions. I found a dress on clearance at Nordstroms this Christmas for K. I will keep searching for the other kids as time goes on. I am thinking shorts, button up shirts, bow ties and suspenders for the little boys (think Tweedle Dee and Dum). Top hats for J and L would be awesome.

We are also planning a second honeymoon, and those plans keep changing. We are thinking Southern California, but not sure if we will drive down and camp, or fly. Decisions, decisions!

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