Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back on the horse

Last night was our first team bout. I had to watch from the crowd, and felt sad and sorry for myself some of the time. I did have fun cheering my team on to victory, however!

I went to my follow up appointment on Friday. The pain moved to the inside of my ankle, where the fracture was said to be. The doctor did more x-rays and said there was no breaks or fractures after all! He said the pain was because of ligaments and I need to keep my foot more still. He has me wearing a big aircast. I was surprised by how good it felt after wearing it for only two days!

I have done ok on my diet challenge and am currently in 11th place. I know I can do better and our wedding vow renewal is in only five weeks with a trip to Las Vegas following! I gotta kick it up! Also, there is something about watching friends on the track that really motivates a girl.

Today I had a healthy smoothie with protein, fruit and flax/chia seeds for breakfast. I am currently at the gym, working on cardio while being careful with the ankle (which feels pretty good today). I have burned over 500 calories and will go do some arm and ab exercises soon.

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