Monday, February 11, 2013

No pain no gain

I have my first substantial derby injury. All week I have had this feeling like it was coming. I haven't been working out much, I was sick and have been craving junk, and I had to miss a few practices too. When Thursday came I was so excited to go to scrimmage but I felt weak and off all night. While I was at the pivot line fighting for a good spot, all of a sudden I started to fall. I am not exactly sure what happened but I think I was twisting my body so I wouldn't land on my tailbone. I ended up rolling my left ankle. It hurt really bad but after a few minutes seemed ok.

The next day I knew I needed to go to the doctor and get it checked out. After and exam and xrays it was diagnosed as a sprain and hairline fracture. I have a v-splint on it and crutches to use. I go back on Friday to follow up. Today it feels worse. The swelling has gone down and all but it is sore all the time.

I am so bummed I can't skate in the bout coming up on Saturday. I was looking forward to it and was getting so excited.

In the meantime, as I heal, I am starting the dietbet challenge today. I weighed in yesterday and had a great day of eating. Today I am going to try to find ways to move my body that doesn't hurt my ankle.

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