Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer is finally here!

The weather has been great this week! The kids actually got a little too much sun yesterday playing outside in their summer attire. We went over to our friends' house last night and had a nice bbq and went for a walk to the park after we ate. It was really nice.

We are expecting our home study to arrive any time now, and then we can get that dossier moving! I am getting really excited and have been anxious to get it to Haiti so we can get a referral for our child/ren. I know that when we do I will be even more anxious to get them home though!

I am trying to plan some fundraisers for my trip to Haiti this fall. I really want to try to earn my way so I can save money for the adoption. When Sarah comes back we need to sit down and try to pick a date for our trip so Jeremiah can ask for days off and I can figure out how much airline tickets will be, etc.

Well I am off to clean house. My neice is coming to stay overnight this weekend, she is 9 months old and I need to be sure the place is picked up! Kylie, our 4 year old has a dance recital this Friday and the dress rehearsal is tonight. She is so excited!

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