Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have been so stressed lately, but trying to juggle all that I have going on while remaining sane. It's hard. My kids have been asking me "why are you so mean?" more than usual. My husband feels a bit neglected. My patience is shot and my attitude is usually not so pleasant.

The other day my teenage video game addict was asked to turn off the Playstation. He didn't listen. The game console got taken away and added to the pile of confiscated goods in my bedroom. The next day, I caught him in my room, playing his Playstation on OUR TV! I was already upset by something else going on, and the fact that he had the gall to do that just drove me over the top. I asked him to turn it off, and he complained and whined about it. So I helped him. Then he complained and whined louder, telling me that I NEVER LET HIM DO ANYTHING! So I snapped. I unplugged that Playstation 2, took it outside and swung it over my head by the power cord. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I let that thing soar through the air and hit the cement patio. After two hits, it was in several pieces on the ground. It felt SOOOO GOOOOD. I think many of my frustrations we released when that thing shattered. But I did feel some guilt. My poor son was so upset. Mind you, we have a backup game console, the exact same kind (long story), so the loss of this one is not too horrific. The other kids saw the remains of the console and asked throughout the day what happened. Hopefully a lesson was learned.
What do you think? Too harsh?


Anonymous said...

i love it, i think that was the perfect response!


Kathy C. said...

I know what you mean about his gall!! We forgot to alarm Adam in his room and he went out and played Ty's Wii. Lots more to the story. See my blog post for today. Maybe you can sympathize!! Most people don't get it.

Tommy's mommy said...

The playstation death is hilarious. Sorry you have been stretched thin though lately. Hope all the loose ends get finalized with M's adoption. Sure seems to be taking awhile but then I'm not sure how long an adoption normally takes. Wish she was here with you though! Take care, hope to see you soon.

Laurie said...

lol - I have thought about disabling a play stn a few times but never followed through. Hmmm, might make him think though, you could always do the same thing to the second one. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are an amazing mother! They gotta see us for the human beings we are....sinful and in need of a Savior! I would go back and let him know that what he did was a sin and so was your can pray together asking for the forgivness you both need (him for disobeying and you for unholy anger). Cuz we aren't any better than them!

Then I suggest you get a sitter and take some time for yourself!!!