Sunday, February 26, 2012

things I want to do as his wife...

kiss him goodbye at the door every day as he goes to work.
kiss him at the door when he comes home looking my best.
hold his hand when we are places together.
rest my head on his shoulder when we are sitting nearby.
write love notes and hide them.
give him back rubs when he is sore.
wait up for him when he comes home late.
sing with him.
pack him a healthy lunch.
light candles for him.
let him be right.
cuddle with him during a scary movie.
wash the car together and have a water fight.
make him heart shaped pancakes.
sleep in his t-shirt.
grow old together.
have dinner ready.
kiss his forehead and get him medicine, soup and tea when he is sick.
try to make him laugh.
keep the spark alive.
make him proud.
wear his favorite perfume.
make his favorite treat.
build memories.
play in the snow together.
dance in the rain.
be adventurous.
be his rock.
study the bible together.
explore the world.
raise his kids in a happy home.
climb a mountain.
defend him.
respect him.
trust him.
love him.
honor him.
complete him.

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