Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Home Study and paperwork

I am so excited. We were finally able to mail in paperwork for the I600a and the Sec. of State. Our homestudy arrived on Saturday and I have been busy getting things in order. We also applied for a adoption loan and a grant. I pray that the finances will come through, we have no idea how we could pay for the adoption without God's help.

Sarah and the girls are supposed to be coming home tomorrow but there is a chance that Helande may not be ready, I haven't heard any news yet though. I am really excited to see them and help out however I can.

We had a great time babysitting my neice Ambria last weekend. She was a great guest in our home, such an easy baby! The kids had a fun time with their cousin, entertaining her and playing with her. She woke up a few time in the night but didn't make a huge fuss. They are moving to Arizona this month. I will miss them, hopefully we can go visit soon.

Well I am off to start the day, had a late start!

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