Saturday, June 9, 2007


Our family was able to go over to Sarah's house on Thursday to give her and her kids a little break. We were there for several hours taking care of the babies. They kept us busy and were a lot of fun. My older kids were more interested in all the fun things there was to do and Kylie wanted Dad to hold just her. She is definately a daddy's girl. She did fine when Ambria was at our house for the weekend, but I think it was because Jeremiah was at work the whole time and she didn't have to share him! She doesn't mind sharing me too much I guess.

Yesterday we hung out at home and did some yard work and cleaned up the house a little. We even went to bed a little early! Today we were going to go to the Deming Log Show but it is raining so I am not sure...

We got all the paperwork for our dossier emailed to the translator and now have to wait for him to translate it into french. The next step after that is to mail several documents to the Haitian Consulate. We are still waiting for our passports, the I600A, and to hear back about grants and loans. I am praying that we will be approved for some grants so we won't have to borrow a bunch of money.

Right now the plan is for Sarah and I to go to Haiti in October. We are planning on returning the babies to their parents and then travel to the orpanage Children of the Promise. We will spend over a week there helping with projects and caring for the kids.

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