Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Girls Night!

We had a fun time last night with my friend Sarah's 6 girls plus Helande and Christella. We ate homeade pizza, pop, salad and brownies and ice cream, watched "Bridge to Tarabithia" and stayed up late. Everyone but Kylie, Helande and I slept in the living room and seemed to have a good night. Our son went to their house and had a boys' night there. Now my kids are wiped out and need naps!

Helande and Christella had a visit with the doctor in Sumas and are doing well.

We got our documents back from the translator and now will be sent to the Haitian Consulate. After that we just need to send the whole thing to Haiti! We are also waiting for the i600a stuff. Getting closer for the wait to begin!

Bless you.

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