Tuesday, June 12, 2007

not much new...

We were able to take Helande with us to church on Sunday. We showed her off to people and answered a lot of questions! It was good to show people that miracles do happen, and share what I have been doing and plan to do in Haiti in the fall. She did really well at church, mostly slept. She is a really sweet baby. Yesterday we went to Sarah's house and hung out most of the day there with the babies. It was a fun day to just visit with friends, and hold sweet little ones.

Today Sarah watched two of my three children while I took my middle child to the doctor. Then we met Sarah and kids at the store in town and did a bit of shopping. It was like a parade of kids, shopping carts and babies going through the parking lot. I heard lots of people comment on how cute the babies are.

Sarah is working on a non profit organization to help bring more children with medical problems to the states to get surgery. She is calling it A Gathering of Angels. (see her blog ourhaitianjourney.blogspot.org) I am so excited about this and am eager to help however I can. There is a paypal button on my blog to donate to Real Hope for Haiti. This is the organization that helped Helande and Christella while in Haiti and got them medical visas to come here. The nurse, Lori is in need of donations so she can cover her costs at the clinic, paperwork expenses for the 2 girls, and other cases.

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