Friday, October 19, 2007

Prayer Request

I have been patiently awaiting an email from COTP about Elijah's file. It should be entering IBESR soon, and I have been praying for about 3 months each day will be the day. It has not happened yet, and I am getting very impatient. The longer it takes for this step it seems like we will have have to wait even longer for every other step. I am praying that Elijah's file will move quickly and that he will be home in less that a year from now. There are people that have been waiting a long time for their haiti baby to come home and I pray that those children will have their homecoming very soon. Please join me in praying for Haitian adoptions and specifically for Elijah's!!!

We have had a busy week, soccer practice, swimming lessons, homeschooling, etc. I went to Sarah's house and we made applesauce and canned it. Thanks Sarah for giving me a lesson on canning! We also made some pies that are in the freezer waiting for a special occasion (or for when I get too stressed out and need something sweet!). I am going to be cleaning the house this weekend, Jeremiah is working, and Loren has a soccer tournament Saturday.

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