Sunday, October 21, 2007

Upcoming Holiday Plans

We have been discussing Thanksgiving already. I have had questions from parents about what our plans are, like every year. Some years Jeremiah has to work on Thanksgivng and therefore we stay at home, but this year he took his vacation during the holiday. So we are pulled in several directions as to who we will be celebrating with. I heard from my parents yesterday and it looks like they have alternative plans if we won't be around. So the pressure is off there. My in laws would love us to come to their house, the only problem is the mountain pass conditions at the time and traffic. I also dislike leaving the house empty in cold weather, and we have to leave the dog. But it looks like if all works out we will be driving over the river and thru the wood to grandmother's house! Hopefully we can get a good idea of pass conditions and avoid traffic by leaving on Tuesday and coming home on Friday.

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