Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

I watched the movie The Ultimate Gift this morning. It is a very good movie about a young spoiled rich man who, in order to get his inheritance, must perform some requirements left by his dead grandfather. He learns the value of friends and family and what it is like to give to others. It is a good family movie.

This year for Christmas, our family decided to exchange one gift to each other with a small dollar amount and with the remainder of the Christmas budget we are going to buy a gift for a family not so fortunate from World Vision's gift catalog. We are probably going to buy a goat for a family to have milk and some extra money from offspring. The kids are actually excited about this idea with makes me so proud of them. I think last year they would have been very upset, but the experience of taking care of Bug and me going to Haiti has helped them see how blessed we are.

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