Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We are here, we arrived yesterday early. We had a great flight, nothing too scary. The road to Children of the Promise was pretty good too. They have been working on it so we made it there quickly.

There are several other volunteers here, relatives of the long term volunteers. They are all very nice. We cooked a big dinner for Easter today. Turkey, potatoes, gravy, etc. plus an AMAZING potato salad that was to die for. We also had apple crisp with apples from the market ($20-30!) It was also VERY yummy.

I started feeling kinda sick this morning, and didn't eat breakfast. So when we ate at 1:00 I was pretty hungry and it tasted great.

Elijah is so cute, even covered in chicken pox. He looks pretty miserable and one of his eyes is swollen and puffy. I am praying that none of them gets infected.

I gotta go, I will write more later. Happy Easter!

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