Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Elijah update (old pictures)

The Boat Room kiddos have been very creative though and have worked out how they can still escape! R. and Elijah are our resident expert escape artists and like to slip in between the steel bars. R. is so fast he usually manages to run and mix in with the older alligator kids by the time his nannies have found him. Elijah loves to run away and be chased; it also gives him a chance to see his Colin, Isaac and A. Now that they have moved up Elijah has become much more verbal, he is taking all the time, calling out names and forming full Creole sentences. He is always pointing out things and alerting the nannies to any trouble. The kids love the new kitchen that I wrote about in their last updates and someone very kindly sent down lots of toy food and dishes for it. They’ve been cooking up huge feats and love playing with all the new food. Elijah likes the pans as they make the most noise, he’ll bang two of them together until he is distracted by something someone else has.

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MATT said...

Sounds like our little boys are little Houdinies!!! Praying they are both home soon!