Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alex is with us!

Well, plans changed but it worked out for the best. Some volunteers from the orphanage were going to fly to Port au Prince to get some medical appointments for 6 of the kids here. Then they were going to meet Alex at the airport to bring him to us. Saturday morning one of the volunteers got really sick, so I went in her place. I helped with all the kids for the day, and was able to get Alex from Lori's employees. It worked out beautifully.

Alex is a big boy, and is doing great. He seems pretty healthy, except for a little cough. He eats really well, and is really happy. He even slept almost all night! He woke up around 5am. I can't tell you happy this made me. He wants to eat every few hours during the day and I was afraid this would be the case at night as well. I am trying to get him on a 4 hour schedule for feeding.

We leave for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow morning. Pray that we can leave from CAP without any problem!