Friday, March 28, 2008

Today W.'s adoptive parents arrived to take him home. I can't begin to tell you how extremely jealous I am right now! Yet I am so happy for them to be able to bring their son home. They seem like a very nice family.

Jeremiah's foot has not improved much. I am very worried. He had a fever last night and it is pretty gross looking. If it doesn't improve we may have to go to the hospital in Milot or have S. give him an IV. Please keep praying!

We went on a walk with the kids today. We walked down the road with about 4 kids and 3 babies and they really enjoyed getting out and seeing the wildlife. We saw some ducks, cows, horses, and birds. I also saw a really large lizard. Yesterday we took the same route, only with just babies. We ran into some local women who were interested in the children and were trying their hardest to communicate. Today we had the same thing happen, and when they realized we didn't understand them, they waved us on, saying "go on" in creole. I really would love to learn more for the next trip.

No news on our adoption. I was hoping to hear something this week. There are rumors of files getting signed out of IBESR but have not heard of anyone actually getting the good news. We will continue to wait patiently!

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jayandtraci said...

We will be praying for you guys especially with regard to Jeremiah's foot. It sounds like he probably needs some kind of medical care. Stay strong and remember how our Mighty God has his hand on you and the children there. We look forward to hearing more about your trip - what an adventure!
-the James family