Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prayers for Jean Alex...advise?

Alex has been acting a bit sick lately. It worries me because it can be a sign of neurological problems. He has been vomiting, a few days ago (a lot), and now just once in a while (after eating). He does not have much of an appetite either. He is still eating, and doesn't have signs of dehydration, but he is not back to his normal, healthy appetite. He acts almost as if he is teething, and just plays when I try to give him his bottles. He is going to be 5 months old soon, and I wonder if this is what is going on. He has been drooling like crazy since last month, and chews on hands, blankets, toys, etc. He doesn't have any bumps on his gums or tell tale signs of teeth coming through. On top of the loss of appetite and occasional vomit/gag he has had a bit of runny and SMELLY poop. If he continues this way after the weekend, I will call the doctor, but right now he seems ok, no fever, runny nose, fussiness. His fontanel is good, incisions are good, acts happy and alert, still sleeping through the night. Any advise, suggestions? Prayers please...I hate to worry!


oneblessedlife said...

I have never had a baby so I don't know what I'm talking about, but could the vomiting be an allergic reaction to a certain food?

The teething thing makes sense with the drooling.

You might want to go in after the weekend to see the doctor regardless of fever and that sort of thing -- just because he may be dehydrated or something from being sick so frequently.

Anyway, again -- no experience, just guessing!

Katherine said...

I will be praying for you think the stinky diapers and gagging could be a delayed reaction to starting solids? From what you describe it really sounds like teething, too. Maybe a phone call to the advice nurse could ease your mind? Please keep us updated.

Brenda said...

I just caught up on blog reading today (5-26)and I have a comment on "stinky poop". I have a little boy, 4 years old, from Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center with me. He just had surgery on Friday. His poop stink was unbearable. The doctor ran a stool test and he has an amoeba infection. he is still taking an antibniotic for it. It's from drinking (or eating)contaminated water or food. He had been in the Rescue center for 10 months, and I know they purify all of their water, so he probably didn't get it from there. He has probably had it for a very long time. I don't know if Alex's poop just started stinking or if it has been stinky all along, but you may need to have it tested.

K. said...

The only foods he has eaten was a few teaspoons of rice cereal and a little bit of banana. I stopped giving him this when his symptoms started, just in case.

Brenda, the hospital tested Alex's stools, and I have not heard that anything was found. His poo didn't smell until he got sick.

Thanks for your advise and comments. I am so glad that Alex is doing better now!