Thursday, May 15, 2008


Tears welled as I read this email about my son.
Elijah loves being in the Alligator room, he really enjoys the extra freedom that they have and he no longer has to try to sneak out of the Boat Room whenever the gate separating the two rooms is open. Elijah does go back over there sometimes to say “hi” to his old nannies and to help them carry supplies. He’s a great little helper and enjoys bringing things for the nannies from the depot to their rooms. He is such a busy little boy; he’s always on the go, playing with something, running around chasing his friends or trying to escape outside when his nannies aren’t looking! Elijah loves to play outside, especially on the swings or with all the toys on the older children’s play pavilion. His nannies have started to take some of the younger children on walks off the property, along our quiet country roads. Elijah loves to go for walks; he enjoys putting on nicer clothes and sandals and heading out to see the animals, people and vehicles. Sometimes the nannies will take the kids out for over an hour at a time (thankfully they do it in the afternoon when it isn’t so hot) all the kids manage to keep up but it’s fun to watch them coming back home through the gate. Elijah is usually pretty exhausted after his expedition and likes to sway his body into his room taking very slow elaborate movements. Elijah has some pretty funny dance moves; he and A must practice together as they both have a very similar style. Elijah keeps his feet spread apart, firmly placed on the ground and he sways from side to side using his hips, often too he’ll thrust himself back and forth and singing while he dances, it’s a very cute sight. At his friend C’s birthday recently C got a musical instrument set for his birthday, all of the Alligator kids were so excited to see all the new toys. Everyone got their own little instrument to play and they’ve formed their own little band, I’m not sure what repertoire of songs they know and perform but they get are very enthusiastic about making as much noise as possible and sing and dance while they play. It is so sweet to be in the volunteer house and hear snippets of their efforts.Elijah celebrated his own birthday in March, he was such a lucky boy, his mom and dad were at COTP to help him remember his special day. He was excited to open all his presents, his new cars, ball and boat, the perfect boy toys! I’m sure his favourite part of the day was eating the cake, Elijah is always one of the fastest cake eaters at all the parties here, he likes to stuff it in his mouth as quickly as possible just in case there is seconds! It never ceases to amaze me the miracles that I am surrounded by, Elijah is such a perfect example of that, sometimes I have to look back at pictures to remind myself just how far he has come. Elijah was so sick and little as a baby, he fought hard to live and by the grace of God he is an amazing, beautiful, talented little two year old who brings joy and happiness to all of us. He is such a blessing, I can’t believe he’s getting so big, he’s a typical healthy two year; he loves attention, likes to stomp his feet when he isn’t getting his own way, loves to be tickled and plays happily with his friends. This month Elijah weighs 25 pounds 14 ounces.


One Crowded House said...

aww- he sounds like quite the character!!! :)

And,He sounds very healthy- that is awesome... our little boy in Haiti is 5 years old and only weighs 25 pounds... I can't wait to get him home and feed him!

Anonymous said...

Elijah's so cute - I pray for a quick resolution and homecoming!