Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane in Haiti

Needs for Real Hope for Haiti- you can donate at their site or to the right:
#1 need is water – they have people bringing water in from the river and then they are running it through filter. Lori wasn’t sure on numbers, but she knows that Licia is paying people to bring water up from river and people to filter the water. They have good filters, it just takes time, money to run generators, and money to pay people to get the water. Lori gave me a rough estimate that $40US dollars per day could get clean water to a minimum of 250 people per day. That’s awesome!
#2 need is food – problem is that they can not get in and out of Cazalle. So they are having to buy from local vendors, etc. BUT they all went through flood too, so resources are low.
#3 need is stuff for people’s houses in villages that was destroyed – Lori isn’t there, so she can’t say first hand, but she knows that people had to have lost everything. She thinks one of their workers lost his whole house. Just from knowing where people live she knows that people had to have lost a lot. They will try and help their employees from the RC and clinic and people in their village and surrounding villages. So, they will need $ from volunteers like us to help rebuild people’s home and get them new “stuff”. As she gets back and they can get out and access the damage they will let me know more needs. Right now Licia can’t even walk around or get across the river to check things out.One of the things that concerned me the most was the bridge but Lori says it is not one of their top needs. She said that usually the Aid reliefs and Haitian government will come in and fix those things. It also sounds like this storm hit the worst in their area (Cabaret on Rd Nat 1) and around them. SO, hopefully the government will get out and start fixing some bridges. She explained all that was wrong with the bridge, but she told me this is not one of their biggest concerns. Right now they need water and food. She said that the bridge that is there across from them is gone as well as the one in Cabaret and one more I think that I can’t remember where it is. The road up to their house is gone. If you’ve been there you know it is not much of a road for our American standards, but there is no way in and out right now. People are having to walk miles to get to them. They heard that gas was up to $13 US and when gas goes up, food goes up, and people can’t get food, and so we’re praying for no riots, etc like we saw this Spring. Good thing is that RC and clinic are good and no damage that she knows of went on. Houses on both sides of them flooded. God protected the children and the clinic from damage. :) As they say in Haiti “DEGAJE” – do the best with what you’ve got!

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