Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to hospital

We had a cranio facial clinic appointment yesterday. What a busy day it was. We woke up really early, Jeremiah had a funeral to go to for a fallen police officer (he is in an honor guard). I hired a friend of mine to babysit two of the kids. Then I drove to meet my mom and one child to go to the hospital with Samuel. We got there just in time with Seattle traffic picking up.

We saw a neurosurgeon (Ellenbogen, Richard G), plastic surgeon (Gruss, Joseph S), nurse, pediatrician, and social worker. They all were amazed at how well Samuel is doing considering all he had been through. He is quite the charmer. I brought in all the scans, from Haiti and Sacramento. Dr Ellenbogen and his assistant both told me his Chiari Malformation is quite large and surgery is inevitable at some point. Right now the focus is correcting the rest of the encephalocele, making sure the shunt is working properly, and do some plastic surgery. He does not have to wait until he is grown, it may be soon. First we have to come in again for some imaging, and then they can figure out what to do. We are also going to check into seizure activity by seeing a neurologist at some point. IF he is having seizures they are quite small and short. I am not sure if he is or not.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I am excited to get some more answers after we have the imaging done.

After our appointments, we stopped for some lunch, and drove back to my mom's car to drop her off. I had to meet my kids at my friend's dance studio, and drive home. I used almost 3/4 a tank of gas yesterday!

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elosangel said...

Give Samuel a kiss for me! What a big boy he is getting to be and I'm so glad he's staying here and getting all the medical attention he'll need growing up. Blessings to you all!