Saturday, September 20, 2008


Samuel is pulling himself to stand, in his crib, around furniture, and on people. It is so cute! He is getting into everything, and it is much harder to get him to sleep. He stands in his crib and cries at us (he is in our bedroom for now). I miss when I could just lay him down and he would go right to sleep.

He had his blood taken yesterday. The new doc wants to double check things that were done in Haiti, like HIV, Hep and other things. His TB test was neg. He will get checked out again at the beginning of next month.

On the 29th we are going to Seattle for an appointment with Craniofacial. I am anxious to hear what this group of Dr's think would be the best plan for him.

We had an appointment with the speech therapist and massage therapist this week. He is delayed in his communication skills, so the speech therapist gave me some ideas on how to work with him. We will go back in Jan. to see how he is doing, unless I hear otherwise. The massage therapist comes out to our house and teaches infant massage to us. This was our first appointment, so no massage was done, just discussing and working on goals and a plan for Samuel.

He also got his first tooth. It finally came through a few days ago!

That's about it, I will post some pics soon of Samuel standing, and maybe of his tooth if I can get a good shot.

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