Friday, October 24, 2008


We have been hoping for Elijah to be able to come home before Christmas but I am not getting my hopes up. He is still in MOI and we have not heard any news. We did get some emails asking us to contact USCIS to request a birth parent interview. I am not sure why we had to request it, but we did. We have not heard news of an interview as of yet. Please pray that this will take place soon, and that Elijah will get signed out of MOI soon too! It is possible for a child to come home a month after getting out of MOI, but the average time is about 2 to 3 months. Meanwhile I have been reading a lot about adoptive kids' homecomings and things family's deal with during the first several months. Things I had not really thought about. I am a little scared! I am not sure how Elijah will do with the adjustment of living in our home, relating to his siblings and his environment, and to Jeremiah and I! He seemed like a pretty laid back, happy boy at the orphanage, but I wonder how it will be here.

I have his room all fixed up. I moved Loren into another room, and am giving Elijah that room. I painted a few of the walls and even put some of his clothes in the dresser. We are going to put a crib mattress on the floor for him to sleep on to begin with. Right now he is sleeping in a cot at COTP, so I figured a crib mattress would be the most similar to that. I still need to do a bit of toddler proofing, because I have seen Elijah climb!

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