Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you

for your prayers. I truly felt them working. Even with my hormones out of wack due to that time of the month (I apologize if any guys read this!), I was able to remain calm and pleasant all weekend. My poor husband got an earful on the car ride home, but he didn't complain once. It really wasn't a bad weekend, and the wedding was beautiful. Samuel was passed around to all the great aunts and uncles and he was so good for us! I am glad to be home and get back in to routine. We are probably not going to be traveling again (except to go to Haiti for Elijah) until spring. I have realized lately how much I have become a homebody, maybe it has to do with traveling with 4 children?

Also, Samuel has started to say Mama all the time! I love hearing him say that.

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