Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have thought about this with people who are host families for the Medical Advocacy Team, but haven't thought about it with our adopted kids coming home. I read this on a yahoo group today:

IT was suggested to me by my doctor that anyone who was going to have
close contact with my son in the first months home get the Hep shots -
so my brother and his wife got them too.

I'd suggest that grandparents or any family members that will be in
contact with spit, poop or any other bodily fluids get the shots -
especially young and old people.

Children often don't show symptoms of Hep. and it is transmitted easily. I am going to look into my kids getting vaccinated. Jeremiah and I both have before traveling to Haiti. Maybe I should have grandparents get vaccinated too.


elosangel said...

Eddie (RN) said he wouldn't worry. The bodily fluids would have to enter the new host body thru a cut or mucus membrane and that's not likely.

Sarah said...

I am an RN also and it isn't something that is even required at the hospital. Also, we just brought "L" home and she tested negative for Hep A,B and C.