Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Pray

We have been emailing back and forth between NLL (our lawyers in Haiti) and the US consulate. I was requested to contact the consulate to request a birth parent interview. We opted in to the orphan's first program, which helps do an orphan investigation at the beginning of the process, rather than the end. Well now NLL is telling me that we must wait until we are signed out of MOI for Elijah to have his birth parent interview. I am really confused and frustrated. I don't want to wait until the end, what if things get held up longer? Please pray with us to help speed things up. Pray for all the other children at COTP that have been waiting far too long to go home to their families.


Sarah said...

We had to wait until we were out of MOI as well (we did the aof program too). From the time of the bp interview to the visa appointment, it was about two weeks. I hope you get signed out soon! When did you enter?

Salzwedel Family said...

I can see why you are frustrated! Isn't the whole point of orphan first to do it at the beginning? We found out last night out birthmom did not show up for her appointment last week. Frustrating.

K. said...

Sarah, we went in mid August, so I am hoping he will get signed out soon.

Salzwedels, I am so sorry the birth mom didn't show. I hope that they can get that straightened out before you near the end of your adoption!


Momto16 said...

I forgot to tell you I added Elijah to our prayer list at church this morning... my prayers went like this:
HEALING for Lena and Angeline
HOMECOMING for Isaac and Elijah
HOPE for Leishan


K. said...

Thank you for being such a great friend and for praying for our boys! I will remember to pray for Lena, Angeline and Lei too.