Monday, May 10, 2010

From a friend...

So we are running into another road block. We heard this morning that our lawyer did not file in court because of the visa situation (still a problem). We are pushing now to do a full adoption, which seems like a clear answer to us, but our lawyer is more apprehensive. I was online and talked with a friend who has just been through this and more. Her words encouraged me so much I wanted to share them with you.

It is so hard to know if we should keep pushing, or take these hold ups as a sign from God. I don't think that He would want her to stay there without help though.


look, God isnt a liar. if He told you she is yours, then you better fight like haides to go get her, even if its the hardest thing youll ever do. this is the devil trying to keep these kids as orphans, and esp in situations like yours. that's just my opinion, but yeah

every parent that backs out of a commitment to a child in uganda is making the devil do a happy dance. though, i totally respect others' decisions and if you have heard from God to step back, then thats what you need to do. but if it's just because it's uncertain or scary, please stick with it. i promise itll be worth it


Thanks. It is so difficult to know God's plan during the hard times. And we really haven't been through the thick of it yet!!! I am scared to fight for this little girl we have only met through photos. I am secretly wondering if adding another special needs child is going to be too much for our family. But we went into this with such certainty! We cannot just give up on Mercy although we are hearing doubtful words being whispered to us by the enemy.


i love that quote "don't forget in the darkness what God promised you in the light"

if He gave you clarity on it before, hang on to that when it gets hard! and of course your fears are COMPLETELY justified. its gotta be a very scary, intimidating thing. but He who promises is faithful!

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Aly said...

What a tremendous quote! Hope you don't mind if I adopt that as my adoption mantra! :) I am praying for you friend. The full adoption is open and shut. God has great plans for Mercy!