Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy guy update...

Many have asked questions or made suggestions about my post about my two year old explorer. Yes, we have the chains above reach on both exterior doors, but it does not do much good when the older kids leave the house to play (unless I follow them around to relatch them). Sometimes S. figures out when they are not locked and sneaks out. Someone suggested bells on the shoes. A very good idea. The other day S. was playing outside with his sisters. I thought he was being supervised by his 11 year old sister in the front yard while I chatted on the phone with my friend. A few minutes later my neighbor knocked on the door, with S. in her arms. He had gone over to her house, wearing ONE rubber boot and a muddy sock. Talk about embarrassing! As you can see, a bell would not do a lot of good if the child doesn't keep his shoes on for more than a few minutes. AND we have a lot missing shoes around here, I might add.

I gave in and spent J's hard earned money on this. I love it. The trick is to be sure it is on from morning to night and be sure it's attached in a way so the kid can't remove it. I purchased the splash proof wrist bands for him to wear. So far so good, but it is definitely not an alternative to close supervision. It's just something to help a mom out when she is trying to switch the clothes out in the laundry room and her two year old takes off somewhere on the five acres.

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