Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Tidbits

I don't have time to upload pics on my dial up internet right now. But I wanted to share with you some happenings in our house...
  • We are still fighting for little girl M. We may be hearing of a possible court date in the next few weeks. Keep praying please!
  • Since we will most likely be traveling in the summer months we need to come up with more money for our travel costs. The ticket prices are rising fast. We are working with Just Love Coffee. They are a great organization helping children in Africa and adoptive parents or non profits by selling fair trade, excellent tasting coffee. Consider buying a bag? $5 per bag goes to help M. We also still have t-shirts left to sell.
  • E. had his first day of preschool today. He loved it and his teacher said he did really well. He was not upset about me leaving him there at all. For now he is going twice a week.
  • S. gets to go to a fun playgroup locally called Sensational Toddlers. He has been on the waiting list for sometime, but got the call today saying he can come on Thursday! He will have a fun time playing and getting dirty with all the "sensory"activities. Best part about it: FREE! Thank you to our birth to three program.
  • K. is having a great time with some special friends this week. I will share more about that later.
  • L. is now homeschooled and he and K. are attending classes through a parent partnership program. Since we started this late in the year he and K. are only going to classes once a week. In the fall they will be attending more classes. I love it! They are having a great time.
  • C. is thriving in school and we are leaving her there for fall. She seems to learn much better from someone other than me. She is making some friends and having a good time. Her ADD meds seem to be less effective lately, so I need to call the doc. to adjust her dose I think. She has been taking the same dose for some time and she has grown a lot this past year. She is becoming a young lady too, making for some moody days. Hope I have the strength for her teen years. She is 11 1/2 now.
  • I am planning our garden. It's been plowed and is nearly ready for seeds.
  • We would like to do some more camping this year. I think we need another tent to hold our family!!! Can anyone suggest some good places in WA, OR or ID?
  • I am excited for summer. But I am also dreading the "bored kids syndrome". Hoping to find some free or inexpensive summer activities for them to keep busy. L. wants to find a summer job too. That would be excellent to keep him busy.
  • L. is going to Mexico with our church in July. He is trying his best to earn money to pay for his trip. He has worked on a few projects with his youth group, but needs to come up with more soon. He will be going to help a church in Tecate. We are going to apply for his passport tomorrow!
  • I have been busy with appointments, running around, and keeping up the house. I have a few goals I'd like to accomplish this summer. One of these days I will get around to writing them down!

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We love to camp in Eastern WA because the weather is generally better.

We have camped at Sun Lakes State Park many times.

We spent many years camping at a private park on Lake Osoyoos (on the Canadian side of the lake), but there is State Park on the U.S. side of the lake.

In Western Wa., we have camped at Belfair State Park many times (on the Hood Canal).

A few years ago we moved up from the tent to a tent trailer, and we LOVE it! It opens up to 25' and sleeps 8-10 (depending on size of children).

Laurel :)