Thursday, August 5, 2010

To do:

Lots to do and so little time:
  • DONE! Pray
  • Bake and assemble ice cream sandwiches
  • DONE! Blessed with one from a friend! Look for a twin mattress (a friend recently gave us their trundle bed frame, now need a twin mattress for it!)
  • Clean and de-clutter
  • Drop off garage sale items at the church
  • DONE! Finish back to school shopping and organizing (L. and E. are ready, but the girls need some clothes)
  • DONE! Pack
  • Fill out visa paperwork
  • DONE! Write and sign Power of Attorney documents
  • Figure out school stuff for the homeschool students
  • Collect contact information and other important travel stuff, figure out transportation in country, and confirm meeting with attorney.
  • DONE! Grocery shop for family coming to visit
  • DONE! Get haircut
  • Pray

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