Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm in. Don't tell Kim. Shhh!!!!

Here's an update for all those waiting patiently.

Kim is staying in the orphanage guest house with M. She has been there one week now. Things are going okay. The compound is very small, so it is easy to get claustrophobic. Less than an acre of land, and 14 kids crammed inside.

On Sunday, Kim joined the children and workers as they attended the Calvary Chapel in Jinja. It was a small building. Kim said the room held about 10 pews, in 5 rows, and each pew hold 4 people. She had to stand up and introduce herself as she was new. A woman from the worship team talked with her afterwards. She is from Portland OR, and is in Uganda working in an AIDS clinic.

Yesterday, Kim and one of the ladies went to Jinja for about 4 hours. Kim said it was good to get out of the compound away from the kids. They went shopping and looking around town. It was a good experience.

Still no word from the attorney about a court date. We would really like to get one appointed soon. Please keep praying that the courts will open a court date that is available while Kim is there.

M is a very happy and sweet girl. She can be moody, and has not had much discipline. This can make for some challenging confrontations at times. She needs medical attention, the sooner the better. Kim may be able to get her to a clinic while she is there.

There is no internet access at the orphanage. She can get Wi-Fi on the laptop, but she doesn't have an adaptor that fits the three pronged plug. The battery is dead, and she can't get it to turn on. Still working on that little problem.

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