Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got my passport!

I got my passport in the mail yesterday! I am so glad it finally arrived and soon I can plan my trip to Haiti. There is a chance that Sarah may not be able to go with me now. The doctors in Seattle want Helande to come in 3 months for an MRI. If she can't come to Haiti, then I will be looking for a travel buddy. There is a young lady at our church who is very interested in coming and that would be great. I don't want to go alone! It would be so fun to go with Sarah too, we always have a fun time together!

I dropped off Sophie and Ella at Sarah's last night. Helande is home and is looking pretty good. She was kinda fussy and was screaming during her bath. I hope she is all better and there are no more problems with her shunt.

Today we are doing a deep deep deep clean in the house (after I get off the internet)! I recruited the kids, but we will see how helpful they are. I also developed a chore chart for them beginning on Sunday. I got the idea from Sarah (mom of 13)- each kid gets a section of the house for a week, then it rotates. I did discover that I don't have enough kids to cover all the sections of the house though! Each kid has to care for his/her own rooms, then they get two sections for the week to keep up. I will off course have to be supervising and on top of them, or it won't happen, which is sometimes more work for me then just doing the job myself.

It has been raining almost all week here, a nice break from the heat, but can't there be a middle ground God?

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