Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday, rainy blah day

I was able to take Christella and 3 of Sarah's kids down to Seattle to visit yesterday. It was a good visit, and I was able to hold little Helande for 15 minutes. She was so sad just laying there and as soon as she was in my arms she was so content. She has been a good baby considering her circumstances. I left 2 kids with Sarah to help entertain her youngest, and brought Ella and Sophie home with me again.

Ella is getting to be a big girl, she can hold her own bottle and is able to feed herself. She had some cut up banana this morning and a baby biscuit. She did great.

At the baby shower Ella did so well, and she was the star of the show! I felt bad taking the attention off of the mom to be! While I was there Jeremiah took the kids to the ballfield so he could play softball with the church team. Kylie got smacked in the face with a ball! She has quite a bruise on her nose and eye and I am praying she didn't break it! Does anyone know how to tell if her nose is broken? There was a trace amount of bleeding and it doesn't make a sound when I wiggle it. It does hurt her though and it was swollen until this morning. It is not so swollen now.

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